What is Homeland Meats?

Homeland Meats, situated in the welcoming community of Falher, Alberta, represents a harmonious blend of enduring quality, rich tradition, and strong community bonds, deeply influenced by our Hutterite heritage. As a multi-family enterprise, we're more than just a poultry brand; we are custodians of a legacy, passionately upholding the agricultural practices cherished by the Hutterite community. Our commitment to farming excellence is rooted in every aspect of our operation, from nurturing each chicken to embracing eco-friendly practices. This dedication ensures that every piece of chicken from our Falher farm is a testament to our devotion to sustainable, community-centric agriculture. Experience the unique taste and quality that comes from a lineage of care, tradition, and the best of Hutterite farming at Homeland Meats.

  • Quality & Excellence

    Homeland Meats means top-notch quality. Our commitment to excellence ensures every bite is exceptional.

  • Sustainability

    Sustainability guides us. We prioritize animal welfare and minimize environmental impact through ethical farming.

  • Community & Connection

    Homeland Meats is more than meat; it's a community. We value the connections we've built with our neighbors and local businesses.

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